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Online Safety & Quality Management System

Lisam Systems’ SQUARE solutions are developed using Microsoft .NET technology. SQUARE is a web-based platform for Safety & Quality management. Lisam Square modules include:

RISK MANAGEMENT is based on easy-to-use risk inventory & evaluation methodology.  Risks can be defined in a structure that is built using drag-and-drop functionalities. Dangerous products, tasks, equipment etc. can be “dropped” in the risk tree structure. Each risk can be evaluated using Fine & Kinney or a risk graph, and measures can be defined to control the risks. If a measure is not yet implemented, it can be planned using the task manager. Tasks can also be tagged as being part of an action plan. SQUARE also provides version control of risk analysis: an analysis can change due to an accident, an update of the analysis etc… Old versions are kept safe and can be stored in the archive.

INCIDENT & ACCIDENT MANAGEMENT provides for the recording of incidents & accidents, investigation, with analysis possible using methods like Fine & Kinney, domino, Ishikawa, fault tree etc.  The task manager we can plan and follow up the implementation of these measures.

WORKPLACE INSPECTION (iPAD) is a workplace inspection app that uses checklists defined by the user. Statistics are made to know which are the areas that can be improved and with corrective measures can be included.

EQUIPMENT CHECK functionality keeps track of legal periodical inspections on equipment, sending notifications to the responsible persons for inspections and tasks.

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