CLP/REF Compliant Safety Data Sheets and Labels

September 26, 2017 -
CLP/REF Compliant Safety Data Sheets and Labels

LISAM Systems UK today announced that their EHS Management Solution complies with current and is already prepared for the upcoming regulation. Whilst improving processes such as the creation of CLP and REACH compliant SDS`s, eSDS and Labels for storage and transportation it also will help you to mitigate risks of staying and providing non-compliant documentation.

As you may know the 5th and the 6th REACH Enforcements are already on the way or shortly to come into force. It is expected – since it`s not public knowledge, that those will focus on mixtures, classifications and labels which will also affect parts of the Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

As far as we can assess the actual situation we would expect the focus to be on

  • Safety Data Sheets – Quality of the content especially – Sections 2 and 3
  • The CPL Classification with emphasis on mixtures
  • Consistency between the information in the SDS and on the labels

Managing chance, comply and prevent from being enforced for corrective measures as well as potential penalties

Since the competent authorities are really familiar with those changes they require – we do recommend to review your SDS Management Solution in order if they provide fully compliant ehs-documentation.  This in turn means that you do not only prevent from being forced to do corrective measures, which will take you time or even to get fined depending on severity of the non-compliance.

Act Now

If you are a in the chemicals business, a manufacturer or a distributor it is vital that you are aware of the ongoing activities in the legislation.  In order to prevent non-compliance Lisam System would like to offer you a complimentary SDS and Label Health Check. To get more information about please contact or call us +44 (0) 1429 280116.


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