Lisam Gas Module

Gas Calculation Module (GCM)

ExESS® GCM solution is the culmination of a long term collaboration between EIGA and Lisam and is the successor to the OMNIS Gas solution. Developed exclusively for gas producers and distributors, ExESS EIGA GCM helps ensure company compliance with the latest EIGA standards as well as current EU regulations.

The new ExESS®- EIGA GCM incorporates an automated Safety Data Sheet (SDS) content builder that simplifies the creation of SDS for gas mixtures and provides:

  • The EIGA approved SDS for 150+ pure gases
  • Classification and labelling information for 300+ pure substances
  • A validated library of 600+ phrases common to gases translated in 20+ languages
  • The ADR/IATA/IMDG dangerous goods lists etc.






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